ICT Fabricators

Warehouse Management Systems

ICT has developed a complimentary system to eCMS, which addresses specific issues with having many pieces of fragmented information.

Using an SQL (structured query language) database to handle information, tableau to visualize such, and a php web interface to update information in real time. This eliminates waiting for manual data entry on key processes like work progress. The ICT tableau server makes this information instantly to fab shop employees, project managers, superintendents and project coordinators.

Order Tracking

Excel > SQL > Tableau Report

Turn the typical order format, spreadsheets, into a tableau report that can be updated and shared in real time.

Material Cost Tracking & Analysis

Excel Logs > Tableau Insights

ICT Fabricators keeps a log of every quote and purchase order we have ever received or made; respectively. Tableau provides powerful visualizations into the data.

Work Progress & Verification

PHP Web Interface > Tableau Report

Instead of hand writing progress and having an admin enter progress, Foreman enter work progress directly to update order tracking

Production History to FRP Forecasting

Excel > SQL > Tableau Report

Tableau reports give historicals, current booked jobs, and current inventory. Excel inputs potential jobs into a forecasting sheet that generates material RFQs'.

The best dividend that the WMS pays is that all work at the shop can be looked at in aggregate data.

Detailed work history allows for getting grangular analysis of FRP demand. Heavyjob provides hours, and together they allow for performance tracking.

Much like the warehouse management component, data is entered via a web interface that updates and passes information quite effectively.

Hour Tracking

How are we spending time?

Further development on the Heavyjob Tableau report categories key shop activities several ways to get key indicators of performance and highlights weak spots.

Performance Evaluation / Tracking

Production, Manpower, Material Metrics

ft/mhr?, $/ft? ft/pc?, RT/OT? D/ID?
Why do a snapshot when you can have it in real time? Spend time making decision, not populating spreadsheets