ICT Fabricators


Our Equipment

We operate our facility with enough redundancy to handle equipment issues or additional short term capacity. This means extra forklifts, CNC and manual fabrication equipment.

CNC Machines

4 axis moving gantry vacuum router with custom:

  • table size for cooling tower components.
  • fixturing for FRP profile sizes.
  • aggregates for better face access on parts.
  • tooling for fiberglass materials.

4 axis moving gantry router:

  • pod/clamp fixturing
  • custom jetting, lubrication and collection systems
  • custom tooling

Cutting & Welding Equipment

With high quality plasma cutting and welding machines, we fabricate carbon and stainless structural components.

Support Equipment

  • 3 forklifts each with 10,000+ lifting capacity. One specialized combilift for effecienctly handling and transporting long material through narrow openings with no turning radius.
  • An array of heavy duty radial, compound, table saws, drill presses and other manual fabrication tools.
  • 14,000 CFM VFD controlled dust collection system.
  • 60,000lb commercial truck scale.
  • Semi-automatic saw cutting stop system